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About Frenchie Media

Who are we? Frenchie Media: Zornitsa, Boji, Toni & Andrew . We are experts in social media marketing and all are very outgoing and have a real passion for good food, new trends in the hospitality industry and great entertainment.




Holding a dusty law degree I have been a marketer for the past 12 years. Having spent 5 years organizing and promoting celebrity events under the bright lights of the London highlife playground, I have developed a real passion for the latest city trends, luxury venues, good food, lifestyle, and hospitality. Having created a huge personal following on my social media accounts I like to call myself a Social Media Guru who knows how to create that social media magic.



Content Writer

I am a banker by profession and foodie by passion. Going out for me it’s not just about the food, it’s the whole experience. I have traveled a lot and visited some of the best restaurants in the world. Some of them have disappointed me, some of them have surprised me and some have left a real trace in my heart. My favourite cuisine is Italian, but I recently discovered the wonderful taste of Asian food in Japan, Taiwan, and China. I am a firm believer that attitude towards food is really important and we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right restaurant for every occasion. My other passion is writing.



Photographer & Graphic Designer

I am a photographer and graphic designer, with a passion for visual conceits, people and the life that unfolds in front of the camera. I am fully dedicated to discovering the relationship between the captured moment and the truth, as a picture can describe and report.
It is a matter of great importance to me that each image I take revolves on its own sensitivity and form. I am trying to communicate this closeness in my photo reports as well as in my private work.



Food & Venue Photographer

I am commercial photographer based in the lively City of London. I work with both natural and artificial light to capture the essence of your cuisine & venues to its best and most authentic self. To convey a restaurants dining experience through the power of my images is the challenge I thrive upon. I know how important are visuals to attract clients to your business and I am doing the very best to present your business in the best possible light. I am lucky enough to have turned my passion into my job. A glance of my work can be seen at http://www.londonfoodie.co.uk

About Us


We help businesses in the food, drink and hospitality industry gain positive exposure through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Putting you in front of millions of potential customers and saving you time to concentrate on your business.

How we do it

How we do it… We work with you, hand-in-hand, to become an extension of your business. During the initial consultation, we get to know your business inside and out – and decide how best to portray you on social media. We then build a marketing strategy tailored towards your individual needs and budget. Following this plan, we create engaging content that speaks directly to your ideal market.

Monitor your social media

We don’t work your usual 9-5, we monitor your social media presence 24/7 365, replying to all messages you receive, whatever time of the day.

Small team giving undivided attention

We have a small team that gives you undivided attention. You know who your account manager is, and are able to call on us out of normal business hours.

Talk about your business and share people’s experiences encourage people to talk about your business in a positive light and share their experiences, as well as managing your reputation online, ensuring you have a solid online reputation.

Professional imagery and advert optimisation with your content written by a journalist, your imagery created by a photographer and your adverts optimised by an experienced social media marketer, we are the go-to agency for people in the food, drink and hospitality industry.


Social Media Management


Content Generation and Copy Writing




Set Up and Optimisation


Graphic Design


Social Media Audit


Social Media Advertising


Customer Care and Crisis Management



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